The Business School Founders' Committee is a group of individuals who have come together to begin and manage the operation of the all-new Pennsylvania Business School until the President, Vice President, and the Board of Trustees are established. We have a goal to make a degree program for entrepreneurs that allows our students to start their business and earn their degree at the same time, through the use of experience-based courses and college credits. By the time each student graduates with their Bachelor's degree, they will already have been in business for at least three years, giving them a head-start for the years ahead.

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Committee Members


Basil E. Bacorn
President and Publisher of Basil E. Bacorn Publishing

Vice Chairperson

Subcommittee Chairs

Finance Subcommittee Chair
Staffing Subcommittee Chair
School Leadership Establishment Subcommittee Chair
Location Scouting Subcommittee Chair


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Join the Founders' Committee

We are currently looking for motivated individuals passionate about hands-on, experience-based education and entrepreneurs-at-heart to join us in coming together to make The Business School a reality.

If you have experience in business or education, you are highly encouraged to reach out, but experience is not required to apply.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the committee can contact the Founders' Committee Chairperson, Basil E. Bacorn, via email at basil@basilebacorn.com.


Below we will be listing job opportunities with the Business School as they become available.

Grant Writer

The Founders' Committee is seeking an experienced Grant Writer to assist in the Business School's fundraising process.

School President

Job Description

Business Loan Facilitator

Job Description


To reach the Founders' Committee, contact us via the methods below.

Basil E. Bacorn, Chairperson of the Founders' Committee
By email at basil@basilebacorn.com